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Create, capture and deliver value

At Luminate we believe that successful organizations are far more than a strong bottom line. A great organization has the power to enrich peoples’ lives and the ecosystem(s) within which you operate.


Create a powerful value proposition and build a sustainable business model to deliver it


Respond to change and design / redesign an organization that constantly regenerates itself in response to the environment you operate within


Design the essence of your business with deep insight into the people you serve to create value that only you can provide


Sharpen your strategy and shift to a more relevant / targeted business model that will enrich lives and increase your competitive success


Co-design a framework that builds sustainability throughout your organization – from end to end.

Our Business Design Workshops
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Business Design Lab

Transform your organization or build a new one

Design a powerful business model that describes how you will create, capture and deliver value; for your organization, your customers and the world around you. Define your business viability and describe how you will operate, make money and achieve your goals.  During a series of sessions we work with you and your team to create an insightful, unique and targeted value proposition that only you can provide.  You will create prototypes to test your concepts to reduce uncertainty, and gather insights to improve your business design. Along the journey you will build and refine your Blueprint – your roadmap to success.

Sharpen Your Strategy

Co-create a winning strategy that sets you apart from the rest

Align your leaders and co-create a shared understanding of what success looks like for your organization or multi-agency project. Explore what you are really trying to accomplish, what capabilities you need to achieve your vision and goals sustainably, and what systems and processes you will use to support and measure your strategy over time.

Sustainable Design For A Better World

The world in changing – so should your business model

Ensure your organization has a clear approach to operating in todays changing ecological, social and economic context. Respond to subtle and dynamic changes in your ecosystem by co-creating a regenerative operational model – one that creates the conditions for your organization, your customers, your suppliers and our environment to thrive. Capture your approach in a succinct action plan that directs how you operate, and communicates your commitment to your stakeholders and those you serve.

Blueprint for Brilliant Execution

Execute Intelligent Decisions

Gather you key thought leaders to co-design a detailed Blueprint that clearly describes how you will bring your ideas to life and realize your goals. Using innovation, project management and design thinking tools you will define the required business capabilities and key timelines to deliver your outcomes, and how you will measure success and realize the benefits.

Laura is a master facilitator who inspires her participants to lead with vision, to think outside of the box and to design realistic solutions for a better future.

Mark Fisher – New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries

Advisory Services and Coaching

Are you wondering how to solve an issue or a challenge you face?

Do you have questions that could be resolved by a set of strategic possibilities and a clear path forward?

Do you want to build your innovation capabilities but aren’t sure where to start?

We offer a suite of innovation, project management, enterprise performance management and leadership coaching services.

Reach out to us to explore possibilities that will help you achieve your full potential.

Strategy is a creative act with an analytical execution.

Laura Adams

Your Investment

Our pricing model includes special pricing for non-profit organizations and small businesses.

Our Services

We tailor our services to your unique needs. Get in touch to learn more about how we work or to book a complimentary consult to explore potential solutions.

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