Transform your life and the world around you

At Luminate we believe that inspired leaders can transform our world. We foster an environment that helps people and organizations learn, succeed and grow.


Discover your true purpose and release your talents to achieve your true potential


Design your unique Roadmap to live a fulfilling and successful life.


Enhance your leadership teams ability to make intelligent decisions and execute them brilliantly


Equip your Board with the capabilities to think innovatively, drive success and deliver better outcomes


Lead with purpose, authenticity and passion.

Our Leadership Services

Life and Leadership Coaching

Realize your true potential

Explore your leadership essence, cultivate your talent and passions, express your vision for the life you want to lead, and create a roadmap to achieve your true potential. We coach you to be the best you can be, to live a satisfying and fulfilling life and to make a positive, sustainable impact in our world.

High-Performing Teams

Achieve outstanding results

Enhance your team’s ability to innovate, collaborate, make exceptional decisions and have fun at work! We use Lominger Team Architect and a deep coaching toolbox to help you leverage team talent, build your innovation capabilities and achieve outstanding results.

Governance Excellence

Govern with focus, clarity and alignment

Build your governance capabilities to think innovatively, drive success and deliver better outcomes. We provide practical coaching to enhance your governance effectiveness, plus toolkits and frameworks to help you co-create an outcomes-focused mindset, crystalize your investment logic, enhance your decision-making and direct your operational team.

Laura’s extensive experience and wisdom shines throughout her ability to facilitate powerful conversations and design targeted activities that quickly get you to your end goal.

Rebecca Scheller – Manager

Leadership Advisory Services and Coaching

Do you want to build your leadership capabilities; or those of your team?

Do you yearn to make a difference but aren’t sure where to start?

Are you wondering how to solve an issue or a challenge you face?

We offer a suite of leadership development, organizational design, and enterprise performance management services for individuals and organizations at every level.

Reach out to us to explore possibilities that will help you achieve your full potential.

Leadership without perspective is like setting off on an expedition into the wilderness with an unknown destination, and no tools to help you stay on course

Laura Adams

Your Investment

Our pricing model includes special pricing for non-profit organizations and small businesses.

Our Services

We tailor our services to your unique needs. Get in touch to learn more about how we work or to book a complimentary consult to explore potential solutions.

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