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Unlock your innovation potential

At Luminate we believe that innovation is essential to life and organizational prosperity; whether it is improving today, or creating a better tomorrow.


Co-create a shared understanding of core problems and key opportunities; and define the strategic possibilities that will address them


Explore a bold new idea, solve a sticky problem or bring a great idea to life.


Design a better customer experience that enriches people’s lives and the world around you


Create a prototype to test your ideas and assumptions to quickly reduce uncertainty, build confidence and increase decision quality


Build your innovation capabilities and develop a culture of innovation that will ensure you and your organization are unique, relevant and sustainable.

Our Innovation Workshops
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Igniting Innovation!

Build your innovation capabilities 

This is a powerful session that will build your innovation skills while you solve a core problem or unearth new opportunities. In our Discovery environment we explore the key challenges and opportunities your team faces, and prioritize those that have the greatest potential to make a real difference. Participants then form design teams and use innovation techniques such as rapid prototyping to explore the area, generate ideas, and co-design real-world solutions that deliver measurable benefits, enhanced people experience and increased business performance.

Define Your Intent

Shape a vision for what is possible

Key to the success of any initiative is to co-create a shared understanding of the intent, and to shape a vision for what is possible.  In this think-tank environment your key thought leaders and partners gather in a think-tank environment to co-create the desired future and describe the outcomes-based solutions that will achieve it. Using innovation techniques we co-design an Intent Statement that is your call to action. It describes why this work is important, what the future looks like, and how you will get there.  The Statement is your key asset used to govern and direct the work, to secure commitment, and to invite stakeholder collaboration. 

Design Lab

Bring a new idea to life

Dive deeply into your highest-value ideas and strategic possibilities in our mobile or virtual incubator lab. Build a prototype to test your idea’s feasibility, desirability and viability.  Prototyping your design provides insightful answers to key questions and provides evidence-based direction early on. It de-risks your idea, increases your confidence and helps you choose amongst options with the highest potential for success.

Laura is a master facilitator who inspires her participants to lead with vision, to think outside of the box and to design realistic solutions for a better future.

Mark Fisher – New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries
Our Innovation Process

We help you make your ideas real



Capture your vision for what is
possible and unlock the potential
for meaningful change.


Generate high-value insights and ideas that solve core problems and/or unearth opportunities that enrich lives.


Iteratively test, refine and de-risk concepts into viable, tangible solutions that work in the real world. Then build a Blueprint to get from today to your desired future state.


Bring your Blueprint to life and implement your design. Realize the benefits of the new service(s) or product, monitor performance and close any gaps.  

Advisory Services and Coaching

Are you wondering how to solve an issue or a challenge you face?

Do you have questions that could be resolved by a set of strategic possibilities and a clear path forward?

Do you want to build your innovation capabilities but aren’t sure where to start?

We offer a suite of innovation, project management, enterprise performance management and leadership coaching services.

Reach out to us to explore possibilities that will help you achieve your full potential.

If there is a time to innovate; that time is now!

Laura Adams

Your Investment

Our pricing model includes special pricing for non-profit organizations and small businesses.

Our Services

We tailor our services to your unique needs. Get in touch to learn more about how we work or to book a complimentary consult to explore potential solutions.

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